A propos de ce projet

DATE: 2021
SURFACE 1,000,000 SF
In order to revitalize the Odet and its banks, the proposal aims to create generative development and connections, by linking the three poles of the Quimper. Quimper is a critical city in the Brittany region, in contrast with the other major cities in the area, because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s connection to the coast is waning, as Quimper is unable to con- tinue to maintain a proper relationship with the ocean via the estuaire. At the regional scale, Quimper has all the infrastructural systems a modern city needs: an airport, a high speed train sta- tion and a robust road network. However, where the city has declined is in its weak- ened fluvial connection. The port activities have left the heart of the city, relocating down the Odet river in the Le Corniguel port. While this relocation is understand- able because of the advantages to the in- dustrial activities of the port, it is harder to understand for the sailors (is that what you meant?)and other visitors. It may also explain why the Antic center is having dif- ficulties establishing its identity as well as connecting with the rest of the town. At the city scale, we notice that the Loc- maria/Rozmaria neighborhood is not shining as well as the new train station area or the middle age center around the saint Corentin Cathedral, and that despite its very rich past and its very advanta- geous location. We believe that the districts of Locmaria / Rozmaria, because of their past and their place in the city of Quimper, must regain their identity, reconnect with the other two strongholds of the city and finally make a transition with the adjacent less dense areas. To do so we thought about the three following interventions: 1- Modify the RD 34 and the banks of the Odet to make the link between the train station and Saint Corentin Cathedral dis- tricts. 2- Reactivate the Locmaria/Rozmaria area with new uses based on the local heritage of Faiencerie : Art de la table, gastron- omy, artisans. Reconnect with the river by reopening a port. 3- Create a loop of public spaces inside the area with some pedestrian connections to the adjacent neighborhoods. Thus Locmaria, the medieval historic center and the new station district would form an attractive and strong triptych taking advan- tage of their respective synergy with the Odet as a meandering path. A strength multiplied by three honored by an inhabited river, a living city